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Appalachian Regional Commission         We are 1 of 420 counties in 13 states, U.S. funding.

StartUpNY   for "nano" manufacturing and technology in NY State.

Empire State Development Business programs   in NY State.



These 3 maps are from 2012 at New York State Legislative Task Force on Demographic Research and Reapportionment:


 U.S. Congressional District 19     www.latfor.state.ny.us/maps/2012c/CD_map_rep_19.pdf

       N.Y. State Senate District 51   www.latfor.state.ny.us/maps/2012s/SD_map_rep_51.pdf

         N.Y. State Assembly District 121    www.latfor.state.ny.us/maps/2012a/AD_map_rep_121.pdf




As seen from the Otsego County Planning website www.otsegocounty.com/depts/pln/Maps.htm


Corridor Communities (Route 20)         Agricultural Districts (We are in district 1)            Legislative Districts 2016 (district 9)

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