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The regular meeting of the Richfield Town Board was held on Monday, June 15, 2015, at the Richfield Town Hall.  The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by Supervisor Enjem.  Other board members in attendance were Bond, Eckler, Palumbo, and Snyder.


A public hearing on Cellco Partnership d/b/a/ Verizon Wireless for a Special Use Permit Seeking Authorization to Install and Operate a Wireless Communications Facility in the Town of Richfield was opened at 6:00 PM.  No one was present from Verizon.  Dan Sullivan asked if we have received answers on the open items from the SEQR.  The supervisor said we have not received them.  Verizon will be looking for waivers on height, setbacks, and the balloon test. A list of property owners within 1500 feet of the proposed project has also not been received.  All persons desiring to be heard having been heard, motion by Enjem second by Palumbo to close the public hearing at 6:08 PM.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes.  Another public hearing will be scheduled for the July meeting.  Scott Olsen from Verizon arrived after the public hearing was closed.


Attorney Merzig explained the decision of the Appellate Court on the wind turbine project (Monticello Hills).  Any appeal of the decision must be filed by June 22, 2015.  Board member Palumbo asked if the second case against the planning board is still pending.  Merzig – yes, it is, but a motion to dismiss has been filed.  Jane Fiesthamel asked if the host community agreement is still in place.  Merzig – believes that it is.  Supervisor Enjem asked Patrick Doyle (wind project) who he is working for and asked for the information in writing.  Enjem also asked if a new SEQR will be submitted.  Doyle – no, the SEQR was upheld.  Dan Sullivan asked if new studies should be done and taken into account.


The board discussed the cell tower application with Scott Olsen.  Olsen – their engineer is working on the SEQR item changes and they will be submitted to the board shortly. Olsen asked if the board wanted the balloon test done.  Yes, the board does.  The balloon test will probably be done on July 11, 2015.  Verizon will put a notice in the Daily Star.  Olsen mentioned that the setbacks were changed from the old law to the new law, so the company will be asking for a waiver. Verizon will be willing to extend the July 20, 2015 deadline if needed.


Board member Bond asked if the town can be reimbursed by DEC for the cost of the crusher run to repair the beach grounds after the winter parking.  The contract we have with DEC makes DEC responsible for these repairs.  Bond also asked why the highway superintendent’s name was used to charge beach supplies at Aubuchon’s.  Supervisor Enjem has added his name to the account so that he can now charge; some individuals no longer working for the town were removed.  The board questioned why Attorney Merzig’s voucher was not numbered; the voucher was not coded so the clerk did not know what account to charge.  Board member Eckler asked about the bill for repairs to the beach mower.  Usually the highway department does it, but thought beach personnel would do it this year.  Motion to pay claims by Enjem, second by Eckler.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.

                                    A General                                            $    4,232.38

                                    B General                                            $         14.94

                                    DA Highway                                      $    5,698.24

                                    DB Highway                                       $    5,954.72

                                    SL Street Lighting                              $         84.73

                                                                        Total                $  15,985.01


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Motion to approve minutes of the May 18, 2015 meeting by Enjem, second by Bond.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.  The salary of the beach manager is $12.00/hr, not $11.00 as reported last month.


The comprehensive plan committee will meet on June 30, 2015. 


The town received three sealed bids for the advertised paving of Henry Conklin Road.


Central Paving Inc.                             $88,935.00

Hanson Aggregates                             $64,961.25

Barrett Paving Materials Inc.              $81,167.55


Motion by Eckler, second by Snyder, upon the recommendation of Highway Superintendent Kress to accept the Hanson Aggregates bid of $64,961.25.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.


Highway department employees will take a CPR/First Aid refresher course this coming Thursday at the firehouse.  Highway Superintendent Kress asked the board to pre-approve a check for $78,900.00 for the new tractor/mower ordered from White’s Farm Supply.  Delivery is expected sometime around the end of June and the tractor/mower needs to be paid upon delivery.  Motion by Eckler, second by Snyder to pre-approve issuing a check from the Highway Equipment Reserve Fund in the amount of $78,900.00 to pay for the tractor/mower.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.  Motion by Snyder, second by Palumbo to advertise for bids to replace the town pickup truck.  The money will come from the Highway Reserve Savings, subject to a permissive referendum.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.  Richard Perry has complained to the town about the culvert/flooding on his property located at 536 Hyder Road.  The highway superintendent has received and reviewed a copy of the engineering report Mr. Perry provided from McManus Engineering Group LLC, and finds the report useless.  The report misstates the size and number of culvert pipes in place to handle water flow.  A letter was sent to the Perry’s on this matter.  Mr. Perry stated at the previous meeting that a number of highway superintendents, including the current one, Mr. Kress, have promised to fix the problem but never have.  Highway Superintendent Kress has never made such a promise.


The clerk reported that the large copier that the town has had for many years has stopped working.  If it cannot be fixed the board was asked to consider looking into a new one because the small copier cannot handle some of the copying work needed by the different offices.  Board member Snyder will help the clerk research information on copiers.


Planning Board Chairman Urtz reported that the Planning Board held a public hearing on the proposed subdivision of a property and approved the subdivision.


Old Business


Last year NYSEG surveyed the lights in both the town hall/garage and beach.  Motion by Eckler, second by Snyder that the supervisor get in touch with NYSEG to see if they will help us with



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new lighting for the town buildings. Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.


The supervisor asked the board to proceed with “A local Law Imposing a Moratorium on Industry within the Town of Richfield”, so that the law coincides with the comprehensive plan. Board member Eckler asked the supervisor where the moratorium came from.  The supervisor said from Attorney Merzig, the same as the old one.  Board member Palumbo said the board has not been briefed on the comprehensive plan progress and the board needs to see an updated schedule of progress before we work on a moratorium.  The issue was tabled until next month.


Board member Bond asked about the status of a fire alarm system for the town hall/garage.  Nothing has been done.  Motion by Eckler, second by Snyder to advertise for quotes for a fire alarm system for the town hall/garage. Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.


Board member Eckler asked that the water stained ceiling tile be replaced and if Quickbooks has been charged to the debit card.  No, it has not.


Privilege of the Floor


Supervisor – the Town of Otsego will give $4,200.00 for the boat wash.  The money will be paid out of their bed tax money.


The town was asked to donate $300.00 for a concert in the park.  Motion by Enjem that the town pay for a concert from our bed tax money, then replace the funds when we get our tourism money.  Board member Bond gave a second so that the matter could be brought to a vote. Bond, Eckler, Palumbo, and Snyder all voted no until the supervisor has checked with Attorney Merzig to make sure it is legal to use taxpayer funds for this purpose.  Enjem – yes. Eckler said the matter can be brought up again next month after the supervisor has checked with the attorney.


Patrick Doyle thanked the Town Board and Planning Board for all their hours of work on the Monticello Hills project.


Ryan Fagan asked that CLIA use the beach for meetings on June 20, 2015 at 9:00 AM, August 1, 2015, and August 22, 2015 at 9:00 AM.  There is a conflict for August 1st, but it will be worked out. Fagan spoke about joining CLIA; you do not need to live on the lake to join.  He also thanked the supervisor for his work on the boat wash.


Motion to adjourn at 8:04 PM by Enjem, second by Eckler.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.




Monica Harris, Clerk

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