Comprehensive Plan Committee
Town of Richfield and Village of Richfield Springs


The Comprehensive Plan is now adopted, and shown as filed on the County website under our tab, Local Law.



  (without appendices, see next file)

Appendices added to the above V9 draft October 2017


State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR pronounced seeker)

Adoption of a Comprehensive Plan is a SEQR Type 1 action, according to this DEC link.

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Lisa Nagle and Rob Holzman work for Elan Planning, hired by the Otsego County IDA (Industrial Development Agency) (renamed Otsego Now), to create a Richfield Town and Village joint Comprehensive Plan. Town and Village boards will have the final votes.

Village Planning - by K. Zurmuhlen and his link to Modern Farmer

Rob Holzman of Elan Planning sends an article on NYPF.

Town Board voted to adopt the Comp Plan on January 15th, 2018

Town Board voted to NOT adopt the Comp Plan as currently drafted V9 on December 18, 2017

Village Board adopted the above draft V9 December 12, 2017

Village Board Public Hearing November 29, 2017

Town Board Public Hearing November 27, 2017

The Village board met on June 6, 2017 reviewing the draft (Joint) Comprehensive Plan.

The Town board met on June 5, 2017 reviewing the draft Comprehensive Plan.

The Town board met on June 1, 2017 reviewing the draft Comprehensive Plan.

The Town board met on May 22, 2017 and began review of the draft Comprehensive Plan.

The Village board met at a Plan/Zoning Workshop meeting 10am Saturday Feb 11, 2017.

Comprehensive Plan Full Committee Meetings
Sept 5, 2017 meeting was held at the Richfield Springs Community Center led by Dan Sullivan without Elan Planning. PJ Baunach partiicipated by phone, and Danny Lapin of Otsego County Conservation Association was a guest speaker. Carol Frigault typed new edits for the draft comp plan.  Along with public comment notes from the Aug 15 input, some topics discussed were Comp Plan addendums, aquifier maps, town zoning, municipal support for non-profits, intermunicipal cooperation,Town Planning Board, and what will be the next steps toward adoption of the draft plan.
Aug 15, 2017  "Committee Public Hearing"   Rob Holzman read the Draft V8 Plan goals and proposals, and took public comments. He said, "You're not legally bound beyond the Future Land Use Plan."  New zoning is being prepared for the town, and entirely separate new zoning is being prepared for the Village.   Click here for the meeting minutes   Public Comment Notes
July 20, 2017  at St. John's Parish   Click here for Meeting Agenda from Rob Holzman
April 11, 2017  We had a review Delaware Engineering report, discussed the draft plan and new ideas, and were given a proposed adoption sequence of legal events including public hearings.
April 3, 2017  We discussed the draft plan and revisions.
March 21, 2017   Delaware Engineering instructed us on possible new water & sewer districts to expand utilization of the Village water & sewer system.  Zoning for our Town and Village was described by Elan Planning's Ethan. The Zoning sub-committees worked with Elan Planning through the winter months.
October 11, 2016   Renewable Energy Statement and Zoning Ordinances
June 28, 2016  Elan's proposed "Renewable Energy Policy Statement" was revised.  Rob Holzman will email it to all committee members. No futher meetings are currently planned for the full committee, but the Town and Village subcommittee 7 members will continue with Elan's guidance.

June 14, 2016 was at St John's Church. The Zoning committee met there prior to the full committee..

May 31, 2016    6:30 pm  The Zoning committee met separately, prior to the full meeting.

May 18, 2016    6:30 pm rescheduled to Wednesday the 18thNY Regions under Governor Cuomo

May 3, 2016      6:30 pm Steering draft goals

   The Zoning sub-committee met separately before the CPC meeting.

April 19, 2016    -- Postponed to May 3rd.

April 5, 2016       --  New zoning committees

Meeting Schedule and Proposed Agenda  by the Steering Committee


March 15, 2016  --  led by Dan Sullivan

March 1, 2016 

February 16 and February 23 -  Vision, Topics, and begin remapping.

Jan 25, 2016 - Moratorium update and inventory natural resources.

Dec 8, 2015 - Open House
Sept 22,2015 - Stakeholder interviews, land use map reviews.
Aug 24, 2015 - Moratorium update. Socioeconomics.
June 30, 2015 - Scope and schedule. Elect chairs.

Empire State Development NY Regional Council Map; we are near the middle of the Mohawk Valley Region.


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StartUpNY   for "nano" manufacturing and technology

Empire State Development Business programs

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