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The regular meeting of the Town of Richfield Planning Board was held on Monday, November 10, 2014, at the Richfield Town Hall.  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Chairman Urtz.  Other board members in attendance were Sullivan, Sylvester, Woodrow, and alternate Harris.  Board member Andela was absent.


Amanda Willsey addressed the board for a proposed can/bottle redemption center to be located at 2564 U S Highway 20, Richfield Springs.  There will be regular business hours for drop off, bottles or cans that are not clean will refused, the accepted bottles and cans will be kept on site and under cover until picked up by various distributers.  Board member Sylvester asked if and how the business will be advertised.  There are no plans now for advertising, but there is an existing sign post that may be used for a sign.  Board member Sullivan asked if there may be a traffic problem? No.  Chairman Urtz asked if county, state and environmental laws have been researched?  Yes.  Board member Woodrow reviewed the sign regulations in our land use ordinance.


 The applicant presented the completed Part I of the Short Environmental Assessment Form.  The board completed Part 2, Impact Assessment.  Questions 1 – 11 were each discussed and each was checked “no, or small impact may occur.”  Motion by Woodrow, second by Sylvester that based on any supporting documentation, the proposed action will not result in any significant adverse environmental impacts.  Sylvester – yes, Sullivan – yes, Woodrow – yes, Urtz – yes.


Motion by Sullivan, second by Woodrow to hold a public hearing on the special use permit application on Monday, December 8, 2014, at 7:00 PM.  Sylvester – yes, Sullivan – yes, Woodrow – yes, Urtz – yes.


Supervisor Enjem distributed copies of a proposed Blight Ordinance and Unsafe Buildings for planning board members to review.


Motion to adjourn at 7:45 PM by Woodrow, second by Sylvester.  Sylvester – yes, Sullivan – yes, Woodrow – yes, Urtz – yes.




Monica Harris, Clerk 

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