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The regular meeting of the Town of Richfield Planning Board was held on Monday, July 14, 2014, at the Richfield Town Hall.  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Chairman Urtz.  Other board members in attendance were Sullivan, Sylvester, and alternate Harris.  Board members Andela and Woodrow were absent.


Motion to approve minutes of June 9, 2014, by Sullivan, second by Sylvester.  Sullivan – yes, Sylvester – yes, Urtz – yes.


Chairman Urtz asked board members for their opinion on whether grandfathered properties can put on additions.  The addition would probably need to conform to our current Land Use and Building Management Ordinance regulations.  If it cannot conform there is always the option of the Land Use Board of Appeals.


The board was asked to consider the purpose of the alternate member of the board.  The Planning Board should in the future consider what role and authority that member will have and ask the Town Board to approve that role.


Board member Sylvester asked how long the term of a Planning Board member is.  Five years.


Motion to adjourn at 7:15 PM by Sylvester, second by Sullivan.  Unanimous.





Monica Harris, Clerk 

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