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The regular meeting of the Richfield Town Board was held on Monday, October 20, 2014, at the Richfield Town Hall.  The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by Supervisor Enejm.  Other board members in attendance were Bond, Eckler, Palumbo, and Snyder.


 Bob Albrecht from KMVB(Keep Mohawk Valley Beautiful) spoke to the board about the purpose and projects of the organization.  KMVB is part of the Mohawk Valley Economic Development District.  KMVB is patterned after Keep America Beautiful, working mainly toward the same goals.  The not-for-profit organization  is working on establishing a “land bank” to reduce blight in communities.


Jeremy Silverman from GEMS addressed the board on grant writing and developing projects for communities.  Richfield is currently involved in improvements at the beach and the development of the Adam Helmer Trail.


Danny Lapin, Environmental Planner for Otsego County Conservation Association spoke to the board on a new proposed power transmission line from upstate to downstate.  Mr. Lapin urges the board to inform the public and seek their input in addition to the board reviewing the project.  Supervisor Enjem and board member Palumbo volunteered to work with him.


Privilege of the Floor


Dan Sullivan asked for volunteers to work at a cleanup event on Saturday, October 25, 2014, at Brookwood Point, Route 80 outside of Cooperstown.  An Energy Audit Workshop will be held at the Richfield Town Hall on Monday, October 27, 2014, from 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM.


Ryan Fagan asked the board for help with getting a boat wash on Canadarago Lake.  The two other towns along the lake have been approached.  He presented the board with cost estimates for the boat wash and projected operation costs.


Motion to pay claims by Enjem, second by Palumbo.  The board question the $479.00 charge for Quickbooks and the purchase of more copy paper and toner for the supervisors office.  Bond – yes, Eckler – no, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.

                                    A and B General                                 $  5,528.69 

                                     DA Highway                                      $11,839.34

                                    DB Highway                                       $21,076.49 

                                    SL Street Lighting                              $        81.73

                                    TA Trust & Agency                            $      912.79

                                    H Wind Farm                                      $        35.00

                                                                         Total               $39,474.04


Motion to approve minutes of the September 15, 2014 and October 16, 2014, meetings by Enjem, second by Palumbo.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.


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Dan Sullivan reported that changes to Local Law # 2 have been basically been completed by the committee and will soon be submitted to the town board for review.


Highway Superintendent Kress reported that the paving of Butternut Road is complete.  Three of the highway employees volunteered to work on the Columbus Day holiday and will take comp

time rather than overtime.  Not paying overtime will save the town almost $1,000.00.  Gordon O’Connor has retired and Todd Stone hired to replace him.  Todd has worked for the Town of Warren for a number of years and is highly qualified to operate the town trucks and machinery.  Councilwoman Snyder commented that the highway workers should be thanked for saving the town money.


The clerk has received a request from the Village of Richfield Springs for the use of the hall for village elections on March 18, 2015.  The board had no objection.


Motion by Snyder, second by Enjem that the clerk again advertise TBR # 3,  “A Resolution to establish the following as standard work days for elected and appointed officials and will report the following work days to the New York State and Local Employees Retirement System: Highway Superintendent - eight(8) hours, all others - Supervisor, Clerk, Town Justice, Board Member, Planning Board Member, Land Use Board of Appeals Member, Assessor - six(6) hours.”  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.


County Representative McCarty reported that the county is out of the nursing home business; MOSA has been split up, each county got a share; the user fee may go down from $28.00 to $15.00; the county has received grant money to put in solar panels on county property in the Town of Laurens, the panels will provide power for county buildings; the 911 center has moved to the Meadows; the IDA is working on something in the Town of Richfield.


Old Business


Both the “anti-blight ordinance” and the “buildings unsafe” documents will be given to the Planning Board for input.


Mark LaValley has withdrawn his bid for our website.  Board member Palumbo is looking into Net Design from Oneida.  The cost will be $299.00 per year for a basic site, $499.00 for a mobile site.  We may need to purchase our own domain name.  Motion by Palumbo, second by Snyder to pursue Net Design.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.


Motion by Eckler, second by Bond to create a new line item, Auditor A1320.2.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.


Motion by Enejm, second by Palumbo to approve the following transfers:




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For May 19, 2014 board meeting:


$474.80 from A1680.4(Computers Contractul) to A1010.4(Town Board Contractual)

$250.00 from B3310.4(Trafic control) to B1420.4(Attorney Contractual)

The supervisor’s office will research why B8020.4 is overdrawn by $322.89


For October, 20, 2014 board meeting:


$5900.00 from A1620.4(Buildings Contractual) to A1320.2(Auditor)

$2,177.00 from A7230.4(Beach Contractual) to A7230.1(Beach & Pool 1stPersonal Services)


Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes,  Enjem – yes.


Town Board members are planning to attend a financial workshop tomorrow night in Oneonta. 

Board member Eckler asked why people using the boat wash cannot be charged.  The supervisor will look into it.


Board member Palumbo briefed everyone on the response he received from the Office of Open Government concerning the ongoing FOIL issue.  The town board has the discretion to charge or not charge.


Motion by Eckler, second by Snyder that the court obtain a fax machine and new number for the court’s use.  The new machine will be kept in the court office.  The lock will be changed to the town clerk’s office.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – abstain.


Motion to adjourn at 8:43 PM by Eckler, second by Snyder.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.




Monica Harris, Clerk


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