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The regular meeting of the Richfield Town Board was held on Monday, May 19, 2014, at the Richfield Town Hall.  The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by Supervisor Enjem.  Other board members in attendance were Bond, Eckler, and Palumbo.  Board member Snyder was absent.


Nancy Beadle from Gustafson & Company, CPA, has been contacted to give us a quote for an audit.  She addressed the board asking to look at our Quickbooks general ledger and bank reconciliations records so that she can submit a proposal based on our financial activity.  Supervisor Enjem said it is not necessary to let someone see the books before they submit a bid.  Ms. Beadle said that unless she has some idea of our activity she can submit an hourly estimate, but if that money is used up before completion, the audit will stop and the board will not receive a report.  She is not asking to look at any personal information, only on our level of financial activity.  Ms. Beadle said that the 2013 AUD does not agree with the general ledger, at least based on financial reports provided by Eckler.  Supervisor Enjem said that the reports she got apparently are wrong. Board member Bond asked if Ms. Beadle was given access to the general ledger, she could give the town a quote of what it would cost.  She recommends that the town start with a one year audit;  if that shows problems, go back further.  Motion by Bond, second by Eckler that whoever wants to look at our books to submit an audit proposal be given the opportunity to do so with the supervisor and bookkeeper present.  If the supervisor cannot be here Deputy Supervisor Palumbo will be here.  Any information interested bidders gain from looking at the books is pertinent to getting a quote for us.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Enjem – yes.


James Sullivan from NBT Government Banking addressed the board on the Promontory Insured Cash Sweep.  This program allows NBT to put any town funds in excess of the FDIC amount   ($250,000.00) into other banks so that all our dollars will be insured.  The funds will earn a somewhat higher interest than a regular checking/savings account.  Withdrawals are limited to six per month, and the bank must receive an extra day’s notice for a withdrawal to get the money from the other bank(s).  It is a variable rate program.  The board has information to review for next month.


Judge Bartle asked the board to move $2000.00  from the court contractual line to the court clerk line to pay a deputy clerk $11.00/hour.  Motion by Enjem, second by Palumbo to move $2000.00 from A1110.4 (Justice Contractual) to A1111.1 (Court Clerk Personal Services).  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Enjem – yes.


Motion to pay claims as presented by Enjem, second by Palumbo.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Enjem – yes.

                                    A and B General                                  $  2,860.29

                                    DA Highway                                        $     445.60

                                    DB Highway                                        $  4,233.32

                                    SL Street Lighting                                $       81.73

                                    TA Trust & Agency                             $     588.30

                                    H Wind Project                                    $     323.75

                                                                        Total                $  7,944.69



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Motion to approve minutes of April 21, 2014, by Bond, second by Palumbo.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Enjem – yes.


The supervisor opened the floor for privilege of the floor.  There were no comments.


Lani King reported that Rod Sluyter has architect sketches for a proposed pavilion at Bakers Beach and will be discussing them with the board in the future.


Motion to advertise bids for the paving of Butternut Road by Bond, second by Eckler.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Enjem – yes.  Highway Superintendent Kress questioned the DB Highway figures on the new financial reports.  Supervisor Enjem will look into it.  Roads in the western part of the town have been swept and patched.  There was some flooding over the weekend in the western part of the town.  Highway workers will start preparing Butternut Road for paving.  The highway department will get out the grills and tables for Bakers Beach, weather permitting.


The clerk distributed copies of the April fire report.  The county audited the tax collector books on May 9, 2014.  The clerk gave copies of the total collections/disbursements for the year to board members.  The books are balanced and closed for the year.


Old Business


Board member Palumbo had more information on a town website.  Mark LaValley will do it for $800.00 the first year, $700.00 after that, all inclusive and he will bill quarterly.  Time Warner does not appear to be a good option for the town.  The supervisor is also talking with someone about a website and will have more information next month.


The board has been asked by two residents, Geraldine Wong and Sal Furnari, to consider passing an anti-blight ordinance.  Neither individual was present at the meeting.  The Supervisor will send the sample ordinance to both Attorney Merzig and Karen Sullivan, Otsego County planner.


Larry Jouben sent a sample Liability Release & Contract and a Facilities Release form for the board to consider using for Bakers Beach.  Board member Palumbo thought the $500,000.00 insurance coverage recommended was a bit excessive and not user friendly.  The supervisor will check with Attorney Merzig.  Motion by Palumbo, second by Eckler that beach personnel pay will be the same as 2013.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Enjem – yes.


Dan Sullivan has talked with grants people and the town can apply for grant money for a comprehensive plan without a resolution in place, but if we are approved we can then pass the resolution.  We are not making a definite commitment to a comprehensive plan by applying for a grant.  Motion to file for a grant by Enjem, second by Bond.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Enjem – yes.


Board member Palumbo discussed cloud storage.  Former employee Donna Wells has sent a letter to the town expressing concern over cloud storage putting current and former employees personal information at risk. Palumbo said that what we’re looking at meets federal and state standards.  Carbonite will run about $20.00 per month.  The board may vote on the matter next month.




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Board member Eckler asked the following of the supervisor:  1) why can’t the board get the financials a few days before the meeting?  The supervisor is working on it. 2) What is the status of Nick Palevsky’s FOIL request for financial records?  The supervisor is working on it.  3) What is the

status of the DEC fine letter for the transfer site?  The supervisor has an e-mail he distributed saying the papers were received and there will be no fine. 4) The checks for bills on the abstract should not be printed until after the board has approved them at the meeting.    The checks should be mailed the day after the meeting.  Eckler read a letter from the clerk in response to the supervisor’s comments last month concerning elected and appointed officials, but only naming the town clerk.  Motion by Eckler, second by Bond that no audience or board member heckle anyone during a meeting of the board.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Enjem – no. 


New Business


Ryan Fagan asked the board to grant permission for Otsego Land Trust to use Bakers Beach for parking to shuttle people to Dewongo Island on June 21, 2014, for a ceremony, and to use the pavilion on July 5, 2014, from 9:00 AM to noon.  Motion by Eckler, second by Palumbo to allow the Otsego County Land Trust to use Bakers Beach for parking on June 21, 2014, and the use of the pavilion on July 5, 2014.  There will be no charge for parking.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Enjem – yes.  Board member Bond suggested that a staff member be present on July 5, 2014.


Motion by Eckler, second by Bond to transfer $474.80 from A1990.4(Contingent Account) to A1010.4(Town Board Contractual).  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Enjem – yes.


Motion to adjourn at 8:20 PM by Eckler, second by Bond.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Enjem – yes.



Monica Harris, Clerk



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