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The regular meeting of the Richfield Town Board was held on Monday, April 21, 2014, at the Richfield Town Hall.  The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by Supervisor Enjem.  Other board members in attendance were Bond, Eckler, Palumbo, and Snyder.


Sandy Mathis from the IDA addressed the board on possible business opportunities for the Richfield area.  Richfield is viewed as a positive location; there is good infrastructure and strong broadband here.  One possible business opportunity may be something like a data center.  Officials are trying to put things together quickly to meet grant deadlines.  Mr. Mathis was asked if the IDA will pay for road construction.  No, they will not.  The IDA would like an area of 50 to 100 acres to begin with.


Before the business meeting began Supervisor Enjem rose from his seat and stood in front of the clerk’s office to speak. He made unsubstantiated allegations of unethical behavior by “elected and appointed officials.”  He made the threat of filing personal charges against individuals and stated that if people don’t want to work together they should step down and let someone else fill the position. He was asked by both Town Clerk Harris and Nick Palevsky, a former supervisor, to back up the serious allegations he was making in public against other town officials but he refused. The Supervisor said he has contacted the Comptroller’s Office to come and do an audit. 


Public Comments:


Nick Palevsky – Richfield, again expressed his concern over the allegations of unsubstantiated ethical lapses and then not backing them up.  He presented the board and clerk with a spreadsheet detailing his concerns over town finances.


Motion to pay claims as presented with the exception of A Fund voucher # 091 by Eckler, second by Snyder.  The board discussed why the supervisor needed seven flash drives.  Supervisor Enjem stated it was to make backups of the supervisor’s computer.  The supervisor was asked if he could produce the backups.  No, they are being kept off site.  Board member Palumbo is concerned about a town employee taking personal information off site and said he is more comfortable if we look into having cloud storage. There was further discussion about taking a flash drive off site.  Supervisor Enjem will return the flash drives. Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – no.

                                    A and B General                                  $   4250.22

                                    DA Highway                                        $   5856.32

                                    DB Highway                                        $   4,014.21

                                    SL Street Lighting                                $       81.73

                                    TA Trust & Agency                             $     588.30

                                    H Wind Project                                    $     539.85

                                                                        Total                $15,334.63



Motion to approve minutes from April 21, 2014 by Bond, second by Eckler.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – abstain.



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Dan Sullivan reported on the KMVB community cleanup day, May 3, 2014. Volunteers will meet in Spring Park and clean up part of State Highway 167.  Volunteer hours can be banked for grant applications.  Board member Bond suggested contacting the local fire police for assistance.


Board member Bond had nothing new to report on the business park.  Board member Palumbo has met with Lani King and Rod Sluyter to talk about development at Bakers Beach.  They are looking into possibly constructing a pavilion about 12’ to 14’ by 40’.  They hope to have cost estimates in about a month.  The proposed pavilion will be an open pavilion.


The Town Clerk gave an updated report on tax collections.  The tax collection year for the town ends April 30, 2014.  The clerk asked the board for a motion on department heads presenting vouchers for the monthly abstract.  Motion by Eckler, second by Snyder that each department will submit their vouchers to the clerk coded and signed.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes. 


The board discussed when checks for bills submitted on the abstract should be written.  They should not be written until after the board meeting when the bills have been approved.


Motion by Bond, second by Snyder that since the town has not had an audit since 2000, we hire a CPA to do an audit of our books, and appoint Board member Eckler to contact different vendors and report back to the board at the May 19, 2014 meeting.  Vendors will be asked for quotes for both five and ten year audits.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes. 

Motion by Eckler, second by Snyder that whereas the Richfield Town Board has become aware that the town transfer site has been out of compliance for over a year and the town board has learned that the town may owe fine and penalties in connection with this non-compliance and whereas the Richfield Town Board has not yet been advised as to the current status of the matter or the cause, therefore be it resolved that the supervisor shall immediately inform the town board of all relevant facts and present the board with all correspondence, forms, and documents associated with these fines and penalties.  The supervisor said the papers were filed on time, the state said they did not receive them and we haven’t been fined anything.  The supervisor also stated that documents are not public until approved by the board.  He denied getting a letter from DEC dated September 25, 2013, and claimed there is a problem with him getting his mail.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.


Board member Palumbo brought up the matter of financial reports given to the board. Once the board receives the financial reports there should be no changes made without board approval.  Motion by Palumbo, second by Snyder that once the financial reports are received if anything is changed, the board needs to approve those changes.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.




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Old Business

Motion by Enjem, second by Eckler to appoint Larry Frigault to the vacancy on the Land Use Board of Appeals.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.


Board member Palumbo has been looking into information to establish a town website and discussed three informal bids with the board.  Brandon Dawley quoted around $1,200.00 annually; Utica Observer Dispatch quoted around $1,500.00; Mark LaValley quoted around $700.00 to $800.00 annually.  Mark LaValley will be asked for a firm price.  Supervisor Enjem has someone who will set it up for free and will check with the person to see what the maintenance will cost.  Time Warner will also be checked with.


The supervisor will arrange for someone from NBT to talk to the board next month about the insured cash sweep.


The board discussed beach staffing.  Four letters of interest were received. There was a question of what job Mr. Twitchell actually applied for.  The supervisor said it was manager. Board member Eckler asked who the beach employees are accountable to.  They are accountable to Supervisor Enjem.  If the beach is closed he should be aware of it.  Motion by Eckler, second by Snyder to hire Ticker and Tianderah Twitchell, Colton Dye and Josuah Roys contingent on proper certification.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.  The beach will be open from May 23, 2014 through September 3, 2014.  The supervisor will contact our insurance agent to see if the town has additional liability if we charge a fee.  The question will be addressed next month.


New Business


The supervisor has problems with his computer and has been told he should have a new one.  Motion by Enjem, second by Snyder to purchase a new computer, cost not to exceed $1,100.00.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.  The supervisor will be in touch by e-mail.


We have received notice that Herkimer County Humane Society has passed the state inspection.


Board members were asked to look over a sample anti-blight ordinance.  Board member Palumbo asked if this in response to Gerry Wong’s request.


Board member Eckler asked if the new financial reports can be made bigger.  They are very hard to read.  He also asked if any of the previous month’s figures are the same as before, not changed.  Supervisor – no, they should be the same.  Eckler asked if the end of December figures are the ones copied onto the AUD because the December figures and the AUD figures are not all the same. Board member Eckler asked if the board payroll checks are issued on the last pay period of the quarter.  Enjem – no they are done the last day of the quarter.



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Motion by Palumbo, second by Eckler that checks approved for payment on the abstract will not be printed until after the meeting.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.


Motion by Bond, second by Snyder to appoint Paul Palumbo as the network administrator for the Computer Information Security Policy. Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.


Motion to adjourn at 8:31 PM by Eckler, second by Snyder.  Bond – yes, Eckler – yes, Palumbo – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.



Monica Harris, Clerk 

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