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A special meeting of the Town of Richfield Planning Board for the purpose of holding a public hearing on the application of Monticello Hills for a special permit for the construction of six wind towers was held on Monday, July 22, 2013, at the Richfield Springs Central School.  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Chairman Urtz.  Other board members in attendance were Andela, Sylvester, Woodrow, and Harris.


Chairman Urtz read the rules of conduct for the meeting.  Speakers will be allowed three minutes each, please be civil in your comments.


Theresa Sullivan, Richfield – objected to the project, referenced the Hessler report.

Larry Frigault, Richfield – felt disrespected by only having three minutes, section 7.3 of the ordinance has not been met; submitted petitions with signatures of people opposed to the project.

Lori Sawicki, Richfield – found the project objectionable, her children do not want to build homes on the property if there are wind turbines, the job of the Planning Board is to protect the town’s citizens; 7.3 of the ordinance was not met, quoted different studies related to wind turbines.

Greg Sawicki, Richfield – property where he is considering building will be affected by the turbines.

Carol Frigault, Richfield – wind turbines should not be placed near people’s homes; quoted 7.3, gave the downside of turbines.

Steven Gates – West Winfield, believes the turbines will be OK and will enhance the area; wind energy is part of the solution to our energy needs.

Sheldon Hansel, Richfield – Tennesee Gas has moved energy for years, he is in support of the turbines.

Michael Reid, Richfield – he will be less than 2000 feet from a windmill, the board is ignoring the people against wind power in the town; made personal comments about town and planning board members.

Bill Schoenfish, Richfield – you are about to change the character of the town, don’t do it.

Geraldine Wong, Richfield – Canadarago Lake is a natural resource, people are working to improve the water quality; concerned about the effect of turbines on runoff from Hyder Creek; pollutants from the project would impact the lake.

Joel Sawicki, Richfield – planning board should follow laws, did not meet section 7.3.

Deborah Kidder, Columbia – turbines will violate 7.3(4); town law does not allow flashing lights to be objectionable.

Susan Huxtable, Winfield – farming is a permitted us in R 40district, wind farms do not qualify; is concerned her water will be affected.

Paul Kidder, Columbia – he will be adversely affected by the windmills; 7.3 is not being met.

Ryan Fagan, Richfield – windmills will be visible from Canadarago Lake and the east side of Otsego Lake.

Marshall Hollender, Columbia – upstate New York is not a great wind area; some European countries have banned wind turbines on land; the ordinance does not allow the project.

Cindy Klemm, Richfield – windmills have federal subsidies; some places have windmills not removed when no longer viable; this is a historic community.


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Lon Merritt, Winfield – board should use common sense; he will be directly impacted if the turbines go up; Richfield should pay attention to the neighboring communities; objected to the tree minute time limit.

Kathleen Carnegie, Winfield – the turbines do not comply with section 7.3; do not ignore the problems of Fairfield residents, Lowville is cluttered with turbines.

Dan Sullivan, Richfield – read a statement from two residents unable to be here (Georgeann Gigliotti, Kelly Auger), the turbines would be too close to their proposed home.  Section 7.3 not met.

Tim Cantwell, Richfield – he is chairman of LUBA; reminded planning board that they must follow town law, section 7.3 not met; urged board to do their job, strictly interpret town law; do their job.

Ted Fox, Richfield – lives within a mile of proposed turbine, concerned about property values, scenic beauty.

Nick Palevsky, Richfield – has talked to people, hasn’t found anyone opposed to the project; people are looking forward to the revenues; the planning board will have to decide if the project meets the town ordinance; keep perspective when you make a decision.

Rex Seamon, Richfield – concerned about Hyder Creek, start of the wetlands that run into the creek; Fairfield has problems with sediment in the water.

Dawn Seamon, Richfield – her children will not return to a town with wind turbines; protect the residents of the town, you are not following the standards; section 7.3 not met; Walt Kalina should have been fired immediately.

Chad Snyder – applied for a job at Andela’s, told not unless the turbines are build.

Joe Zvisrzdin, Richfield – rebuffed when he brought his concerns to the town, said the board did not have a proper public hearing; some board members have personal reasons for why they want this project; it will change our town forever; there is an abuse office.

Walter Zaoines, Richfield – company doesn’t have the  money for the project; they put the project together then sell to a big corporation.

Larry Frigault, Richfield – presented land value statements from Denmark, sound studies from Canada; Wisconsin Public Service Commission admits that turbines create noise; section 7.3 not met.

Diane Yaciuk, Richfield – Bassett has done research on Wind Turbine Syndrome; turbines will affect community health.

Leslie Weaver, NYC and Richfield –section 7.3 not met; the project is being built on a watershed.


Chairman Urtz adjourned the meeting at 8:35 PM.




Monica Harris, Clerk




Terry Berkson – keep out fracking. 

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