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The regular meeting of the Richfield Town Board was held on Monday, March 18, 2013, at the Richfield Town Hall.  The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by deputy supervisor Seamon.  Other board members in attendance were Bond and Domion.  Supervisor Enjem and board member Snyder were absent.


Motion to pay claims as presented by Bond, second by Domion.  Bond – yes, Domion – yes, Seamon – yes.

                        General A & B                                    $  8,974.21

                        DA Highway                                      $10,910.66

                        SL,TA                                                 $     589.05

                                                                        Total    $20,473.92  


 Motion to approve minutes of the February 18, 2013 meeting by Domion, second by Bond.  Bond – yes, Domion – yes, Seamon – yes.


Mirabito Energy Products was the lone bidder for the advertised sealed fuel bids.  On the recommendation of highway superintendent Kress, motion by Domion, second by Seamon, to accept the following: Ultra Low Sulfer Diesel#1(ULSK) - Firm Bid Price $3.8042/ gal; Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel#2(ULSD)- Firm Bid Price $3.5542/gal; Unleaded Gas    - Fluctuating Bid Price $3.2291/gal.  Bond – yes, Domion – yes, Seamon – yes. The highway department’s new computer has been purchased and installed.


The clerk reminded everyone of the rabies clinic, April 4, from 6:00 – 8:00 PM at the town highway garage.  The health insurance billing did not come in time for the meeting again.  Motion by Domion, second by Bond to include the health insurance as a pre-approved expense.  Bond – yes, Domion – yes, Seamon – yes.  When the bill comes the bookkeeper will write the check and the billing will be put on the next month’s abstract.  The post office has sent a final no-fee verification notice for our post office box.  If the paper is not returned by March 31, 2013, our box will be closed.  Deputy Supervisor Seamon will take care of the matter on Saturday.  The clerk reported on tax collection.  The budgeted amounts to be collected by taxes are still in the tax collectors account waiting for receipts from the supervisor’s office.  These monies should be transferred before we receive notice from the county that allows the collector to accept tax money through April 30, 2013.


Old Business 

Lifeguards for Bakers Beach – one lifeguard will not be back in the area this summer; the supervisor was going to contact the others.


The board discussed the proposed moratorium on heavy industry.  Board member Bond pointed out the supervisor does not have the sole authority to appoint a committee as it is written in the current draft.  If a committee is appointed, it will be by the whole board.  The supervisor has been contacted by some board members with their concerns about the current moratorium draft;


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he has not responded.  Highway Superintendent Kress reminded the board that the final draft needs to be in the hands of the board before the public hearing.  Since there is no final acceptable draft, the board cannot hold a public hearing.  Supervisor Enjem should contact the school to let the school know we won’t be having the hearing.  NIMS training has been cancelled for now.  The reserve account for bridges has been set up.


New Business


The wind turbine appeal is in the courts.  There is a ban on open burning from March 16, 2013 to May 14, 2013. 


There is nothing new to report on the code of ethics.


Privilege of the Floor


Dawn Seamon – Richfield – spoke of noise, other problems with two turbines in Cape Cod.


Leslie Weaver – owns property on County Highway 25 – did the town do any studies to show what money turbines will bring to the town?  Turbines will be harmful to property values.


Dan Sullivan – Richfield – Harry Levine, Town of Springfield, has done a study on the negative impact of turbines on a community.  Verified that there will be no public hearing in April.


Carol Frigault – wants wind included with heavy industry in the moratorium.


Leslie Weaver – owns property on County Highway 25 – why was the original moratorium scrapped (October?) and  another one being proposed?


Motion to adjourn at 6:35 PM by Domion, second by Seamon.  Bond – yes, Domion – yes, Seamon – yes.



Monica Harris, Clerk 

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