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The regular meeting of the Richfield Town Board was held on Monday, July 15, 2013. The meeting was scheduled for 6:00 PM at the Richfield Springs Central School. In attendance were Supervisor Enjem and board members Bond, Seamon, and Snyder. The board observed a moment of silence in memory of Bonnie Domion.


Motion to pay claims as presented by Seamon, second by Snyder. Bond – yes, Seamon – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.

                                      A and B General                               $ 2,427.36

                                      DA Highway                                      $ 9,246.15

                                      DB Highway                                      $ 9,725.70

                                      SL Street Lighting                            $      81.73

                                      TA Trust & Agency                            $    507.32

                                      H Wind Project                                 $         0.00

                                                                         Total                $21,988.26


Motion to approve minutes of the June 17, 2013 and July 9, 2013 meetings by Enjem, second by Snyder. Bond – yes, Seamon – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.


Highway Superintendent Kress reported that the work on the River Street Bridge may be done by the end of next week. Spectra engineering will then inspect the bridge and send a report to the state to have the flags removed. Road repairs from the heavy rains have been underway, but the continual rain has required the same problems to be fixed more than once. SEMA and FEMA should be having a kickoff meeting soon. We will be reimbursed for our damages that may come to about $10,000.00.


The clerk has received notice from the Department of State that the resolution passed last month concerning the change in notice of claims was received and on file.


Peggy Booth with the Mang Insurance Group spoke to the board on the new health care law. If the town renews with CDPHP with few changes will need to be made because our policy renews before January 1, 2014.


Old Business:


The supervisor reminded everyone on the public hearings to be held on proposed “Code of Ethics” and the “Moratorium on Heavy Industry” at the August board meeting. He proposed setting up citizen committees for establishing a web site, water district(s), and obtaining grants.


New Business:


The state mandates that the town have a comprehensive plan. We do not have one; the supervisor would like a citizens committee to look into getting a grant for one. The supervisor



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had information on a proposed new power line that may come through part of the Town of Richfield. No decision has been made yet. Copies of the proposal were available.


Supervisor Enjem thanked Gerry Wong and Dan Sullivan for their work with economic development for the town.


Public Comment:


Gerry Wong – excited about people working together; Canadarago Lake is natural resources for the community; flooding since 2006, septic tanks have leaked into the lake; grants can be obtained to buy homes ruined by flooding, then turned into wetlands.

Dan Sullivan – NYS has buyback programs.

Ryan Fagan – try to limit industrial drainage on the lake.

Dan Sullivan – Ryan Fagan’s statement fits in nicely with a comprehensive plan.

Nick Palevsky – NYS does not require a plan named “Comprehensive Plan” if we follow our Land Use Ordinance; we can check with the county planning office before we spend tax money.

Marshall Hollender(Columbia) – has been telling Planning Board they need a comprehensive plan.

Bruce Watson – what timeline does the state have to develop a comprehensive plan?

Supervisor Enjem, as soon as possible. Proposed power lines could impact the western part of the town. The news needs to get out.

Larry Frigault – requests board to communicate with all residents of the town for the citizen’s committees.

Carol Frigault – put the committee plan in the Pennysaver. Is the Planning Board putting an ad in the Pennysaver?

Lori Sawicki – town clerk was asked, answered no to the question.

Dawn Seamon – make the Pennysaver the official paper.

Judy Stone – school has two newspapers.

Lynzie – papers are available in a number of stores to look at for free.

Joe Mahoney, Daily Star reporter (Cooperstown) – will have a story tomorrow on next Monday’s meeting of the Planning Board.

Leslie Weaver – take a close look at protecting ground water; turbine project may affect ground water.


Motion to adjourn at 7:04 PM by Enjem, second by Snyder. Bond – yes, Seamon – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.





Monica Harris, Clerk

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