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The regular meeting of the Richfield Town Board was he    ld on Monday, January 21, 2013, at the Richfield Town Hall.  The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by Supervisor Enjem.  Other board members in attendance were Bond, Domion, Seamon, and Snyder.


Motion to pay claims as presented by Seamon, second by Snyder.  Bond – yes, Domion – yes, Seamon – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.

                        General A,B,SL,SF,TA                                  $56,650.02

                        DA Highway                                                  $  9,628.25

                                                                        Total                $66,278.27

Motion by Snyder, second by Domion to approve minutes of December 17, 2012, December 27, 2012, and January 7, 2013.  Bond – yes, Domion – yes, Seamon – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.


Highway Superintendent Kress was absent, but left a report that the surplus F550 has been paid for and picked up.


The clerk reported on tax collection and presented each member of the board with the 2012 Annual Report of the town clerk account.


The CDPHP health insurance billing did not arrive in time for the board to approve the voucher for payment on the current abstract.  Motion by Domion, second by Snyder to authorize payment for CDPHP when the billing arrives.  This is a one-time pre-approval only.  Bond – yes, Domion – yes, Seamon – yes, Snyder – yes, Enjem – yes.  The bill will be added to the February abstract.


Assessor Woodrow reported that there is a thirty day open enrollment period for certification to be included in an agricultural district.  It has come to our attention that there is a problem with the Monticello Light District.  We do not have a copy of the resolution that established the district and are trying to get a copy from the county.  If nothing is found, a new resolution may need to be passed.  All exemptions are due by March 1, 2013.


County Rep Keith McCarty reported that he is serving on the Public Works, Public Safety, and Solid Waste committees. The county treasurer has been called to active duty, a replacement has been appointed.  The county is working on MOSA, the Manor and a new radio system for the county. 

Judge Brykailo presented his 2012 books for the board to approve.  The court had 1704 cases in 2012.  $195,085.00 was sent to the state, $66,920.00 was returned to the town.


Old Business


Supervisor Enjem presented the board with a new moratorium and another copy that showed the revisions made from the previous proposed moratorium.  If board members have any questions they can get in touch with him, he will get in touch with our attorney.


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Judge Bartle presented his 2012 books for the board to approve.  The total figures are the same as presented by Judge Brykailo.


New Business

Ridgeline has been purchased by Atlantic Power.  The board was presented with two possible code of ethics documents, one from the county, and one from the Village of Richfield Springs.  The village one needs to be revised in a number of places to change “village” to “town.”  The supervisor will contact Attorney Merzig to have the changes made.


There is a vacancy on the Board of Assessment Review.  The board received letters of interest from Carol Frigault and Ronald Auger.  Board member Domion questioned whether anyone bringing an Article 78 against the town should serve on a board.  The matter was tabled until next month.


Supervisor Enjem has contacted  Otsego County Emergency Services in regards to NIMS training for elected officials.  They have not returned his call.  County Rep McCarty will look into it and see if we can get village and fire department people who need the training interested in a class.


Board member Snyder asked if there is a limit to the amount of water that can be drawn out of Canadarago Lake.  County Rep McCarty suggested calling Scott Fickbohm.

Privilege of the Floor

Nick Palevsky – forget about a moratorium; work on a comprehensive plan.

Dan Sullivan – believes the opposite of Palevsky.

Larry Budro – Town of Otsego comprehensive plan has serious problems.  Get a copy and review it. 

Deb Kidder, Town of Columbia – comprehensive plans and zoning laws give you a basis to work from.

Paul Palumbo - the town board should be involved in the process rather than delegate it.

Larry Frigault – fracking has been around, hydrofracking is new; Article X would allow a larger wind project to come in; a moratorium stops the process while the moratorium is in place.

Dan Sullivan – agrees with Paul Palumbo.

Susan Huxtable – Town of Winfield – keep examining the hydrofracking issue.

Carol Frigault – failing to plan is not prudent

Margaret Woodrow – she was never against a comprehensive plan.  It took a number of years of work to get the ordinance that we have now

Dawn Seamon – supports a moratorium, comprehensive plan should involve town board, planning board, townspeople.


Motion to adjourn at 7:30 PM by Snyder, second by Seamon, unanimous.



Monica Harris, Clerk


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